Best Places to visit in Colombia

As a Colombian I am guilty of not really appreciating the beauty of my own country. Oftentimes we go long distances to find magical places, perfect beaches or historical monuments and forget the many beautiful places that our own country has to offer. Colombia is full of beautiful places to visit, from sandy white beaches to jungles and lost cities, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Wherever you are from I invite you to get to know your own country, you’ll be surprised of all the amazing places it has to offer.

Here is a list of some of the best places to visit in Colombia.

Park Tayrona

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This is one of the world’s best destinations for backpackers. It has relaxed beaches adorned with gigantic stones and roads that penetrate the jungle. In the park you can sleep in a tent, under the stars and the music of the sea.

San Agustin

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Lots of culture permeates this Archaeological Park of Huila, where the mystery of stone statues has not yet been revealed by science. After a hundred years of the beginning of scientific explorations, it is still considered an ideal place to visit and explore in Colombia.

Places to Visit in Colombia

The Cocuy

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Believe it or not you can actually see and touch snow in Colombia, and a good place to do it is this corner of the North of Boyacá. You don’t need to be an expert Mountaineer to climb to the sites from where there are stunning landscapes.

Iguaque (Boyaca)

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The rise of the Iguaque Lagoon is unforgettable. Walks between forests and mist-covered Moors make the wildlife sanctuary a truly espectacular place to visit.

Puerto Nariño (Amazonas)

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There are few places in earth as wild as the Amazon, and few towns so unique and architectural beautiful as Puerto Narino, which is reachable by boat from Leticia. There are no cars or motorbikes and people just move on foot.

Eje Cafetero.

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The famous Colombian coffee is grown in this region. In here you can see first hand how people work the soil and coffee plantations to perfection. Make sure you stop by an Hacienda that shows the process of coffee making, check out the crops and taste an authentic cup of Colombian coffee.

Lost city.(Ciudad Perdida)

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The Archaeological Park lost city, located in the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, captivates foreigners with their paths through forests, where there are suspension bridges, waterfalls and remains of the Tayrona people.

Tourist attractions in Colombia


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With its offerings of rafting, canyoning and paragliding, among other adventure activities, this Department is chosen by thousands of young travelers who are attracted by the landscapes that provide villages like San Gil, Barichara and Charalá.


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On this island – which was a prison in the last century you will find some of the best places are to dive in South America. Among the attractions are also the fauna, like monkeys and snakes, and roads in the forest that lead to isolated beaches.

San Andrés

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The transparent waters of the Caribbean are ideal to have a first contact with diving. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, it is possible to make the first dives with scuba diving equipment and obtain licenses to practice. This is truly a tropical paradise, a place of white sand beaches and an amazing nightlife to go with it.

The Tatacoa

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The landscapes in which the ochre colour of the desert joins the blue color of the clear sky are located in the Department of Huila. This place attracts a lot of fans from the observation of stars. This site also do good walks.

Villa de Leyva

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This village is located less than three hours from Bogota. Its proximity to the capital is one of its points in favor. Its cobbled streets and its Bohemian style attracts visitor all year round. We recommend you to visit the waterfall La Periquera.

Cabo de La Vela (Guajira)

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This mixture of desert and Caribbean sea is a unique destination where you can find accommodation at reasonable prices. It is the favorite place for travellers, especially foreigners, who come to the country in search of peace.


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One of the cities getting tons of attention from media outlets all over the world, Medellin is Colombia’s second largest city and a true international destination for you to explore. It’s beautiful mountains, traditional food and culture will ensure that you enjoy your time in Medellin and experience the warmth of its people.



One of the top tourist destinations in Colombia, Cartagena is famous for its colonial architecture, lively nightlife and rich history.

As you can see there are plenty of places to discover in Colombia. We hope you enjoyed our list of the best places to visit in Colombia!