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We have a simple goal in mind, to help you learn, explore and save money on travel.


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Welcome to Wonderliv. We are Santiago and Victoria and together have been traveling for more than 10 years and visited more than 60 countries. We want to take you along our journey and teach you about the many beautiful destinations around the world, while helping you save money on flights so you too can get out there and explore this beautiful planet.

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We visit some of the most amazing places on earth and share with you all of our experiences, with reviews, best places to visit and much more.

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International travel doesn’t have to be expensive. We have years of experience finding the best travel deals online.

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One inspiring story is worth traveling. Discover more about local food, tradition and history. Read the stories that make you want to travel.

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    Travel Is the Only Thing You Buy That Makes You

    We truly believe that travel can have a great impact in your life, which is why it is our goal to encourage everyone to experience as much as they can. Subscribe to our youtube videos for travel tips and inspiration.