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October 2014

We all have seen it multiple times on T.V. shows, documentaries on how this great Inca city might have been the works of aliens and dozens of other publications that describe this wonder of the new world as a magnificent work of human civilization. This might all be somehow accurate depictions of Machu Picchu, but as close as a description of what this place is, there is no way to describe the magnitude of awesomeness that this place radiates. How to get to Machu Picchu The typical trail to Machu Picchu starts

Today I came across a definition for a symptom that I had discovered a long time ago but had no idea what it was called. Hedonic Treadmill, Wikipedia explains it as “The hedonic treadmill, also known as hedonic adaptation, is the supposed tendency of humans to quickly return to a relatively stable level of happiness despite major positive or negative events or life changes.According to this theory, as a person makes more money, expectations and desires rise in tandem, which results in no permanent gain in happiness. Brickman and Campbell coined the term in

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is definitely one of the top destinations on everyones bucket list. For us visiting Rio was an absolute must. Everything you see on TV from the white-sand beaches to the music, carnival, soccer, food etc etc makes you want to visit Rio. When we decided to go to Brazil in 2013 of all the places we wanted to go, we decided to visit Sao Paulo for a few days and then headed out to Rio. If you decide to do this same route, what

This is a post for me to reflect on how I personally use technology just so you know that I'm not preaching on this subject. How many of you pick up your phone the time you open your eyes in the morning before raising out of bed and do the same thing when you lay at night before you go to sleep. I'm a victim of this epidemic of filling our lives in front of a color screen every single minute of our wakens hours, we jump from

I have heard many stories about Punta del Este in Uruguay and how it was the "Miami" of South America, every now and then you will hear about Latin personalities such as Shakira and Enrique Iglesias spending their holidays in Punta del Este, but was it really even remotely similar to Miami or any other beach city or town in the US? Let's find out. Used to the beach towns in Colombia where I grew up, I'm used to beautiful beaches, but the towns themselves do not offer much,

I'm not sure when was the first time that I heard the term minimalist, might have been a TED talk or a blog posts, but I can clearly remember that once I started digging into the subject I felt like I had discovered something that I wish I had stumbled upon years ago. This realization of knowing that you can actually be a lot happier once you start simplifying your life in every aspect makes so much sense that it is amazing that more people are not learning about

In this quest of trying to be as happy as can be on a daily basis, I've been thinking a lot lately of how much time we spend everyday daydreaming of the future, and not paying much attention to what we should be giving our full attention to which is the exact same thing we are doing right now. To give you an example how many times when you are having a nice quiet dinner with a friend, or family instead of being there 100% enjoying that moment

Since the day I can remember when I was a little kid, my parents always had some photos around the house, one of them which I enjoyed looking at was this picture of me as a 2-year-old baby standing next to some awesome and huge St. Bernard Dogs. As I grew older and asked where this picture took place my parents explained how when we used to live in Chile (which was only 2 years when I was a baby and unfortunately I can't remember any of it)

So this morning I logged in into my Bank of America online account to make a bill payment when they showed me this nice looking banner. I'm not sure if they had a standard image for the calculations, or if they had a browser cookie on my laptop and they showed me a more targeted banner close to my age-range. But looking at it reminding me of everything that is wrong with the way most people look at retirement. Yes I agree that we all need to be saving at