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November 2014

In todays society people want to have everything they want right now, we just want the end results instead of thinking of the journey to get there. Most people want the big house, the nice car, the travel experiences, the pay raises, the hot body with the six pack but no one wants to put in the time and effort to get it. There are no secrets to achieving anything you want in life. If you want more money learn something valuable, practice it over time and eventually you

Everyone always talk about drugs, alcohol and its addictive effects, but today we are living in an age where people crave luxury so much that I believe has become an addiction. I have personally felt the high that you get when you get that luxury car, piece of clothing or fancy dinner, but as with any other drug this high does not last very long and then you end up wanting more and more (crashing as they call it with other drugs). I'm a huge proponent of living within