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December 2014

I have been acknolowding a self-transformation in the past couple of months as I experience the joy of travel one more time and feel a sense of accomplishment that fills my heart and mind with constant happiness. As I write this post in a small island in Thailand is funny how fully satisfied I feel in this very moment. I do not have many possessions with me at this time other than my laptop on where I'm writing this, a couple of electronic gadgets, some days worth of

It is Sunday morning, we get ready as fast as we can at 5:45 am to catch the bus that goes from KL Sentral to Kuala Lumpur International airport, as we enjoy the hour-long ride we are sad to leave Kuala Lumpur behind, but very exited of entering Thailand for the first time in our lives. We arrive early at the airport and find the departure desk of AirAsia where we stand in line to get our tickets to Phuket, as we arrive at the counter we give our