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February 2022

What do Switzerland, Norway, Dubai, and Barbados have in common? They are one of the Most expensive country in the world to visit. They are the playground for the rich and famous. They are destinations that will require a bit more saving for the ordinary folk looking to live a life of luxury and fun, or at least experience it. Here are the top 15 most expensive countries in the world, and what makes them a place worth every dollar and dime! Switzerland Perfectly situated in the heart of Europe,

Image credit  Road tripping can help you relax after hectic weeks of hustle. Besides, it gives you the time to reflect on your life while forgetting about the hurdles of work. It is also a cost-effective way to travel and explore new places in your city or beyond. You also get to meet new people, forge meaningful relationships and strengthen family and friendship bonds. These benefits explain why 7 out of 10 Americans planned to take a road trip in 2021. Perhaps you're looking to go on a road

Source - CC0 License The tasks of being a digital nomad are certainly unique in scope. If you want to stay productive you may find yourself having to adapt to a variety of patterns but also encounter a number of challenges. So if you’re looking to get on this adventure, let's show you some of the toughest challenges for digital nomads and what you can do about them.  Keeping Organized Amazingly, even if you are living your life in a suitcase you can still struggle to keep yourself organized. When you