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5 Best Breathtaking Destinations To Visit This Winter

5 Best Breathtaking Destinations To Visit This Winter

Zurich, Switzerland. Photo by Henrique Ferreira on Unsplash

If you’ve been lucky enough to get some time off this winter, there’s no better way to spend your free time than visiting a great place with friends and family. 

Whether you’re looking for an opportunity to escape the cold weather by spending time in warmer climates or looking for a ski resort in the snow, there are many places in the world that make for great winter getaways. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a snowy camping site or a luxurious resort, these destinations will surely suit your taste and needs this season. 

So whether you plan to either get your thermal socks packed or bring your shorts back out of the wardrobe, consider a trip to one of these destinations. 

1. Zurich, Switzerland

For a great city break holiday head over to Zurich in Switzerland, where you can explore art museums, take a walk through the historic Old Town, or visit one of the many bars and restaurants. Perhaps if you’re looking for relaxing and majestic scenery you can head over to lake Zurich and take in the wonderful views and enjoy some of the excellent food and drink from the lakes surrounding bars. Zurich is a great multicultural city which looks beautiful when the snow falls in winter, and though it remains pretty dark throughout the day, it can still be a spot for a relaxing break towards the end of a stressful year. 

2. Seyðisfjörður, Iceland

Another city located in the Scandinavian region Seyðisfjörður is a small town of around 668 people located in the Eastern part of the country. Though this is a much more niche and quiet holiday destination than most people will be used to, it remains perfect for people who want to escape the stress and noise of city life this winter. This small town and nation as a whole offers some of the best hiking and sightseeing opportunities in the world. Seyðisfjörður itself is surrounded by a huge variety of scenery, from waterfalls, mountains and valleys, this small fishing town is perfect for anyone searching for a quiet break away from home.

3. Bali, Indonesia

The most popular tourist destination in the Indonesian archipelago, Bali is the centre of a rich ancient culture as well as beautiful sightseeing spots and architecture. Whether you want to take part in the Densapar festival, snorkel, visit a Hindu temple or just root through some nick nacks at the famous markets, Bali offers everything you would want from a winter break. During your visit it might also be a great idea to take a trip to the famous Bali Safari and Marine park and see a whole range of different species of fish and animals. Bali really does offer it all, whether you are searching for a relaxing or an adventurous trip.

4. Tokyo, Japan

If you’re looking for something truly different, then you can visit Tokyo in Japan. This is one of the most unique cities in the world, offering a great blend of cultures and traditions. December illuminations in Tokyo are truly breathtaking, with the city going all out to light the city up in a multitude of colours to create a beautiful atmosphere. From ice skating, to christmas markets and new year celebrations, there are plenty of reasons to visit Tokyo in the colder months of the year. 

5. Helsinki, Finland

Returning to Scandavia, another beautiful country that can offer a great winter getaway is Finland. This Nordic country has many beautiful sights and sites to visit, including the Nordic capitals of Helsinki and Turku. Helenski in particular is beautiful in winter, especially during the annual lights festival, Lux. During the duration of Lux lights are placed around the city to turn, what is usually, a dark winter night into an amazingly colourful work of art. Helsinki is also home to a wide range of saunas and spas, allowing you to get out of the cold every once in a while and unwind.


Don’t let the cold weather stop you from travelling this year. The world is full of opportunities all year round, with some cities and countries really coming to life in the final months of the year. A winter vacation can prove to be the perfect start to a new year or a way of making a Christmas you’ll remember for a lifetime. If you’re thinking about setting off to a country prone to snow and ice, here’s our guide to the best hiking boots that you should think about taking with you.

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