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Thanks to social media, regular media and everything else in between we have been sold that life should be exiting, that we should not waste any minute of it and live to the extreme, I almost always agree with this statement, the only problem is; no one can live like this 24/7 for a lifetime.  Hopefully you are able to wake up most of your life without hating the day ahead of you, hopefully you have plenty of days in your life that you are looking forward to live,

As I settle back to "normal life" if this is what we call living in one place for anything longer than 6 months, I ask fellow Digital Nomads in reddit what they love and hate about this lifestyle of constant work and travel and put a list of the most common answers. Reddit UserNames Let's start with some Love. Here is a list of the things most nomads mentioned they loved about their lifestyle. Freedom: nomadrelocation mentioned  "It's so natural to me to work for myself compared to seeing all the

  It’s 9am, you are sitting at the desk in the office sorting through emails when all of the sudden you remember how just a few weeks ago you were probably waking up without an alarm clock in your rented villa in Ubud, Bali or your AirBnB rental in Buenos Aires two years ago. As digital nomads we are used to traveling all the time, enjoying the different cultures and cuisines around the world while still working from our tiny laptops. Still many of us come back to what

(A giant clock for remembering that we should be patient - Viña del Mar - Chile) All throughout life I have always rushed things. I eat pretty fast, try to get done with things fairly fast just so I can get on to the next new thing (this sometimes helps with work but not all the time), but lately I’ve been discovering that having patience is one of the greatest virtues humans can have. In today’s hectic world we want everything immediately, we go to a restaurant and get

All women are famous for being jealous, not sure if you heard but latin women in particular are famous for how jealous they are. Like everything in life, extremes are bad and one should never let emotions get to an extreme point. On that note a little jealousy from your partner is all right and good; it makes you feel wanted and secured, on the other hand extreme jealousy does not only show insecurities from the jealous person, but makes the partner feel annoyed and irritated. Even though Vicky

(Picture of a Lady in Muine a fishing town in Vietnam cooking the catch of the day for tourists) Last night I watched the Documentary Living on One Dollar on Netflix and highly enjoyed watching it, if you haven't seen it I totally recommend it. The story is based around a couple of college friends that go out to Guatemala to experience how some of the poorest people in the world live day by day. I could not stop but remember of the many places we visited in South East