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  It’s 9am, you are sitting at the desk in the office sorting through emails when all of the sudden you remember how just a few weeks ago you were probably waking up without an alarm clock in your rented villa in Ubud, Bali or your AirBnB rental in Buenos Aires two years ago. As digital nomads we are used to traveling all the time, enjoying the different cultures and cuisines around the world while still working from our tiny laptops. Still many of us come back to what

(A giant clock for remembering that we should be patient - Viña del Mar - Chile) All throughout life I have always rushed things. I eat pretty fast, try to get done with things fairly fast just so I can get on to the next new thing (this sometimes helps with work but not all the time), but lately I’ve been discovering that having patience is one of the greatest virtues humans can have. In today’s hectic world we want everything immediately, we go to a restaurant and get

All women are famous for being jealous, not sure if you heard but latin women in particular are famous for how jealous they are. Like everything in life, extremes are bad and one should never let emotions get to an extreme point. On that note a little jealousy from your partner is all right and good; it makes you feel wanted and secured, on the other hand extreme jealousy does not only show insecurities from the jealous person, but makes the partner feel annoyed and irritated. Even though Vicky

(Picture of a Lady in Muine a fishing town in Vietnam cooking the catch of the day for tourists) Last night I watched the Documentary Living on One Dollar on Netflix and highly enjoyed watching it, if you haven't seen it I totally recommend it. The story is based around a couple of college friends that go out to Guatemala to experience how some of the poorest people in the world live day by day. I could not stop but remember of the many places we visited in South East

As we recently ended 5 months of continuous travels, here is a full reflection of things we learned. In the past months we have traveled to more than 10 countries and dozens of different cities. We have encountered different languages, different cultures and religions, fallen off a scooter, thought at a Buddhist orphan school and hundreds of other experiences and stories that I never imagined I would have experience just a couple of months ago. Here are my top 5 best things that I’ve learned in the past months. (Vicky

I'm lucky to be able to say that all throughout life I've made some great friends along the years. While I'm getting close to hitting 30 I still have very close ties with friends I had when I was 8 years old. Some have come and gone but most of them have been around for years and I have been able to rely as much on them as I have been able to offer support when needed. I remember being a little kid in school, everyone kind of

There is a story I love of how human life is reversed. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we were born with all the knowledge of a lifetime, to live all of our best years of youth with money and wisdom, so we could start working in our forties and fifties when we want to be less active, so we could work harder when we are older, then later we start forgetting everything so someone else can take care of us when we are old. Obviously there is no way

SE Asia is probably the Mecca of Online Entrepreneurs today, a combination of awesome year round weather, affordable cost of living, good food, friendly people and cheap beer makes many South East Asian countries the perfect place for many to come and try their luck at making money online. After traveling for 5 months in almost all of the countries in SE Asia here are my comments on every single one of them. This trip was a lot more traveling and less work than what I had initially planned,

How much time do you spend daydreaming of the future? How many times do you catch yourself wishing you were somewhere else, or wishing for time to just speed up so you can skip whatever it is you are currently doing. It happens to all of us, we are always looking for more experiences, more excitement in our days, but forget to live and experience what we are currently doing. Traditional media and social media sites don't make this easier on us either. We are getting used to checking Facebook and Instagram

What will you do if someone came to you and offered you a million dollars right now? I’m sure you will happily take the money, but this million bucks comes only with one caveat. In order for you to get the cash you have to die in 1 week from today. Will you still take it? I'm pretty sure the vast majority of people will not, they will not give up living their life for a million bucks or more, even though there is a real chance that