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Take a guess where I’m writing this article? Pretty obvious right… I’m on a short airplane flight from Atlanta to Miami. On this hour and 20 minutes there are plenty of things that I can be doing. One of the most obvious ones and the one that I normally do is watch an “Awesome” movie; we all know that is not always the case. How many times have you watched a movie and hoped you could get that hour of your life back? We all have choices to make

Most people still have travel as one of their top goals in life and still put it away until the perfect opportunity arrives, there never seems to be enough time, money or both! If I have learned something in the past year where I spent most of it outside of our regular “home” is that whenever you take chances in life, things most of the time always work out just fine! About 2 months ago for our anniversary I decided to gift my wife the thing she loves the most

We all are wired the same way! We believe that SOMEDAY, any day in the future we will be happier. Because of this oftentimes we give our tiny brains a little bit of motivation and give it little grains of hope of something exiting to look forward to. Many people daydream all their lives of the day they get to buy their dream home, or their dream car, or whatever that might be. Other times we make smaller plans that we still look forward to as is the case of

As I settle back to "normal life" if this is what we call living in one place for anything longer than 6 months, I ask fellow Digital Nomads in reddit what they love and hate about this lifestyle of constant work and travel and put a list of the most common answers. Reddit UserNames Let's start with some Love. Here is a list of the things most nomads mentioned they loved about their lifestyle. Freedom: nomadrelocation mentioned  "It's so natural to me to work for myself compared to seeing all the

Looking for Cheap Beach Holidays, It seems that everyone's idea of the perfect vacation always somehow involves a sunny beach, good drinks, plenty of sunscreen and a good atmosphere. There are plenty of places around the world where you can have great cheap beach holidays. From airfare to hotel accommodations and more, we will list some of the best deals for you to discover. Keep in mind that depending on your budget your beach holidays might be very different from someone else, but this won't have to stop you

As we recently ended 5 months of continuous travels, here is a full reflection of things we learned. In the past months we have traveled to more than 10 countries and dozens of different cities. We have encountered different languages, different cultures and religions, fallen off a scooter, thought at a Buddhist orphan school and hundreds of other experiences and stories that I never imagined I would have experience just a couple of months ago. Here are my top 5 best things that I’ve learned in the past months. (Vicky

SE Asia is probably the Mecca of Online Entrepreneurs today, a combination of awesome year round weather, affordable cost of living, good food, friendly people and cheap beer makes many South East Asian countries the perfect place for many to come and try their luck at making money online. After traveling for 5 months in almost all of the countries in SE Asia here are my comments on every single one of them. This trip was a lot more traveling and less work than what I had initially planned,

Today we had the wonderful experience of visiting the Amazing temples of Borobudur and Prambanan near Yogyakarta in Indonesia. Borobudur which is denominated the largest Buddhist temple in the world is a beautiful large stone structure with hundreds of buddhas sitting inside carefully designed stupas. An easy 45 minute drive from Yogyakarta a day tour can be easily arranged to see both temples in the same day. If you decide to do this tour make sure you ask for the combined ticket which is currently $IDR 375,000 to visit

All travelers wish to stay at the 5-Star hotel with the perfect accommodations, the tempur-pedic bed, the tasteful breakfast and most importantly that perfect location close to all the tourist spots, shopping, restaurants and everything that the city has to offer. Unfortunately not all of us have the hundreds if not thousands of dollars to spend every night on that 5-Star hotel, specially when traveling for long periods of time. If you are like us, you probably are ok giving up on most of those "luxuries" in order to enjoy