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Uncategorized Travelers can always purchase a ticket at the station because reservations are never required for German trains (except for night trains). You can board the next available train, and standard rates are flexible and refundable. It may be worthwhile to try purchasing tickets from the red ticket machines at stations, which feature an English-language option, to avoid long waits at the ticket office. Visit for discounted long-distance travel rates starting at €29 ($32). Only the day of travel and the specific train reserved are eligible for the reduced

If you are planning on spending your next vacation underwater, there are many factors to consider. The good news is you can read all about the most critical ones, in detail below. Just jump right in!  Kit  There are many items of kit you will need to optimize your experience when diving. Although the items you will need will depend on the style of diving you choose.  Scuba diving  For example, those taking part in scuba diving will require more technical items such as your tank, regulator, and depth gauge. Tank   Indeed, your scuba