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How to come up with a blog name

How to come up with a blog name

How to come up with a blog name

When readers land on your blog, the first thing they notice is the name of the blog. The blog name directly shows your creativity as well as the personality of your blog. When starting a blog, selecting a great name is the most crucial thing. Nonetheless, you do not have to be confused about how catchy your blog name is. In this article we’ll help you find how to come up with a blog name.

It is crucial to always ensure your blog name is similar to that of your domain. While selecting a blog name, the following are some options you have.

  • Selecting a blog name that is totally brandable
  • Selecting blog names that have keywords embedded in them
  • Selecting a blog name that has a keyword that is brandable
  • Creating a blog name that has your name in it, e.g. Peter’s blog.

If you are interested in ways to come up with great blog names, do read on to learn more.

 Good blog names & Coming up with a blog name

Tips for coming up with a good Blog Name

Putting the above into consideration, it is time to dive into it. Below, you would locate some tips on coming up with food blog names that have been tried and tested which are certain to be useful to you.

Tips on How to come up with a blog name – They include:

Try to be Unique

It is not exactly easy to know instantly what is going to make a blog name unique. Some of the most common names in the blogging world are very unique and easily relate to. Another great thing about having a unique name is that it does not limit your possibilities as you could delve into any category you deem fit.

Check Out the Blog Names of your Competitors

This is pretty straightforward. Carrying out your research on the types of blogs you would be in competition with will provide you with an idea of the kind of name that would work well with your own blog. Note that the idea is not to copy any blog precisely, but to come up with ideas on ways to be better than the competition. 

Try to Input Verbs in Your Blog Name

The addition of verbs in your blog name performs the role of a call to action for your readers. It is simply efficient and creative. The words utilized should project an image or imagination in the mind of your readers. Words like think, jump, and go are quite engaging and aid in sparkling some action in the mind of your readers.

Know Your Audience
How to come up with a blog name

If you have an audience coming to your blog to learn something precise then it is ideal to input words in the name of your blog that aids in describing what the content of your blog is about. If a majority of your target audience are aged between 16 – 30 years, then it’s best to input some trendy words.

Your blog name should call out to your audience and it should be significant to your audience. Additionally, it should show your blog USP. The instant your blog name is of benefit to someone, then it is a great one.

Carry out research

How to come up with a blog name ? You can use a tool like Google Keyword tool to look for names. Input some keywords which you find appealing and desire to use and this tool will aid you in bringing some word combinations which are related. You can also make use of to find inspiration as well. This is because inspiration can come from the most unlikely places.

Cool Blog Names

Get inspiration from books

There are no set rules when making blog names, for this reason, you can take insights from some of the greatest authors in the globe and get inspiration from your best literature. With a numerous amount of books in existence all consisting of great ideas, it won’t be very difficult to locate something delighting and inspiring as well as a possible contender for your coming blog. 

Try a different Language

If you are in search of a way to stand out in the competitive market, selecting a phrase or word in a language asides English would be a remarkable method of drawing attention from readers. An easy online translator like Google Translate can come in handy.

Try selecting something not too long and has fewer syllables. This will ensure your blog name can be pronounced and remembered with ease.

Add Humor

Humor and laughter are quite infectious and have the capacity to bring a smile to the face of your readers. Make efforts to create a blog name that shows a great sense of humor.

Although it might not be a great idea for blogs that are professional, if your blog tone is witty, fresh and fun, then you have nothing to lose and it is worth trying out.

Utilize Abbreviations

Take a little time to think about the brands and companies you know and how a lot of them come with abbreviated names. There are a lot of examples like this and it is for great reason too.

Abbreviations are significant because they ensure things remain sweet and brief without getting rid of your identity and brand. An entire blog name could be abbreviated. You can also mix it by abbreviating partially and utilizing a word at the end.

Make Use of Your Own Name

If you have considered all the methods above and you have no idea what to use as your blog name, using your own name is always a great idea. A lot of bloggers have become very successful by using their names for their blogs.

Asides from the fact that you get the capacity to link your name to the things you release on your blog, individuals would also have the capacity to recognize you with ease as you get more reach.

Hope you find a cool blog name for your new site and hope this guide on How to come up with a blog name has helped you.

A tool we have used before to try to find a cool domain with words you put in is NameBoy, try it out and play with it.

Let us know if you have any questions, or share with us your new cool blog name. Hope you enjoyed our guide on How to come up with a blog name.

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