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How To Start Your Day Right In Bangkok, Thailand

How To Start Your Day Right In Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is a huge city in Thailand that has a lot to offer. There will be occasions when you can relax, however, you will likely be on the go a lot. Even if you are sitting at a bar enjoying a drink, you might feel rushed due to the millions of people that live there.

Therefore, it is useful to understand how to start your day effectively in Bangkok so that you can enjoy a relaxing and calming day.

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Start your day with an ice bath

Before you begin any day in Bangkok, even before you eat breakfast, the first thing you should do is jump in an ice bath. 

Heading to the best ice bath in bangkok will guarantee that you can refresh your mind and body as soon as you wake up, helping you start your day right and in the right headspace. Although an ice bath can shock the system, it is a good shock that will lead to a good day.

Ice baths can be located around the city, yet you should ensure to do your research to try an affordable and quality ice bar to ensure that you invest wisely in the mindful and rejuvenating experience.

Get up and get out at sunrise

If you want to enjoy the city when it is the quietest, the best time to do this is a sunrise. Although there will be people out setting up their stalls for the day, there will be minimal people in the streets which will allow you to see the city in a different light.

Getting up and getting outside before or at sunrise is a great way to start your day and ensure that you can achieve the right mindset before heading out for a day of exploring or busyness. 

Head to a temple

A great place to enjoy the morning in Bangkok is one of Thailand’s many Buddhist temples. Like other areas of Thailand, Bangkok is a pact of Buddhist temples that you can visit free of charge and at most times of the day.

These temples open first thing in the morning, which means that you can head there before you do anything else. Not only will you get to enjoy it alone or with one or two other tourists, but you will also get to enjoy it in the most peaceful way.

Fuel yourself

Another thing to do in Bangkok to start your day off on the right foot is to fuel yourself with one of the many breakfast treats.

It is traditional to eat rice for breakfast, whether that be savory or sweet. Rice is a healthy and fuelling food, which is a great way to start your day off right. Along with a batch of rice for breakfast, you should also consider getting an iced or hot coffee to fuel your mind and body for a day of exploring. 

Of course, you can consume any type of breakfast food you like, as long as you feel yourself efficiently.

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