Is panama safe ? How Safe is Panama for Tourists

Is panama safe ? How Safe is Panama for Tourists

Is panama safe ? Every time you consider traveling to a new country the first question that normally comes to mind is if the country you are visiting is safe for tourists.

The short answer is YES.

We are currently working at beautiful Bocas del Toro in Panama. As with most Latin countries there is plenty of dangerous zones and neighborhoods that should be avoided and specially at night, but if you apply common sense, Panama is quite a safe travel destination for tourists.

is panama safeBeautiful Waters of Bocas Del Toro / Panama

Is Panama Safe For Americans ?

There are tons of tourists from all over the world in Panama. Being an American Tourist in Panama does not make it any different. Make sure you stick to the tourist areas and don’t be flashing your belongings around.

Is panama city safe for tourists ?

Panama City is one of the main Latin hubs in Central and South America, because of it’s ideal location and the famous Panama Canal, Panama City is a bustling and very international city. You can freely walk in most areas of town and Uber is always a great option to safely move around the city.

The historic Center of Panama City is beautiful and one of the main attractions in the city. Here is where you will find most high end boutique hotels and restaurants. This is an area completely safe to walk around, make sure you don’t wonder too much outside of the main streets as some dodgy neighborhoods are just around the corner and you might not want to find yourself in the wrong side of town, specially at night.

Traveling inside of Panama can be easily done by Plane, bus or even car rental.

You’ll be surprised how most of the infrastructure in Panama is well developed and organized. Don’t expect American or European standars, but overall you’ll have no problem getting around in Panama.

Panama is a beautiful country with plenty of interesting places to see and explore. We encourage you to visit Panama and make sure you stay safe while traveling to Panama.

How safe is Panama ?  In our travel scale from 1 / 10 – 1 being the scariest and 10 the safest we rate it at 7.

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